Web Design and Development

With over 15 years of web design and development experience in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and NodeJS, I can develop a range of web content. From small web apps and blogging sites to large e-commerce platforms, I've worked with both small and medium-sized organizations to design, deploy and support web content to help grow their online presence.

Front End Development

Digitalvation has years of experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery to design and develop unique and engaging user experiences. Digitalvation understands the core design concepts and principles that ensure that the user experience works in all popular screen sizes and browsers, including laptop and mobile.

WordPress Development

WordPress has grown to be the most popular CMS in the world. Not only is it user-friendly for content editors and publishers, but it's scalable, flexible and constantly kept up to date to fix security vulnerabilities and add new core features.

Digitalvation uses Oxygen Builder to build custom templates for their clients, and has vast experience in many of the popular integrations and plugins that help drive engagement to your users across your whole online presence.

Page Speed Optimization

The web is a fast moving world, so you want to ensure your end user experience is as quick as it can be.

Digitalvation has this in the forefront of any design, ensuring that images are optimised the best they can be without losing quality, scripts are minified without impacting functionality, and removing any code that isn't getting used.

Digitalvation use Cloudflare in most scenarios to help your content get delivered quickly across their global Content Delivery Network (CDN), with the added bonus of keeping your site safe and secure using Cloudflares security features.

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