About Digitalvation

Hello! My name is Mat

I have had a unique career journey which started in various sales and marketing roles within the retail sector. With a passion for technology and creativity, I moved into the Information Technology sector over 15 years ago where I was soon involved in a range of Web Design and Development projects as well providing 1st and 2nd line technical support.

In 2020, I recognised many small and medium sized businesses looking to digital to promote their products and services but lacked the expertise to implement a suitable strategy, nor the technical expertise to do it. A combination of costs and a fast moving, and often confusing, industry are contributing factors.

I have spent the last three years helping companies and organisations get established and grow in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

Not only is it about reaching the right people in the right places, but also how you reach them. We're also not just talking about sales and marketing, but also how we look after customers, fans and followers.

Crucially, there are different technical solutions that aid different approaches, and one solution never fits all.

I work with other freelancers and consultants, sharing our expertise to ensure all of our clients get what they want. If I can't do it, I should know someone who can!

Digitalvation has already worked with and continues to work with some amazing companies and organisations, including Snapshot Games, Get Safe Online, Tribe Culture Change, and BrilliantBlu. In some cases, Digitalvation has worked directly with their clients to successfully deliver products on time and on budget.
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