Mission Statement

Deliver Innovation. Achieve Captivation. Nurture Cultivation.

We want SMEs and Startups to flourish in the modern digital world.

Digitalvation's mission is to design, develop, deploy and support SMEs and Startups' digital and online activities in a professional, collaborative, and friendly manner.

Digitalvation combine their many years of creative and technical experience and expertise to optimize productivity through business automation processes, with a particular focus on sales, marketing, business and project management Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. We also help businesses maximize their engagement with customers through website and app creation, video, graphics, and audio content, while providing high tier technical advice, guidance, and support to ensure our products and services meet the needs of our customers.

Relationships with our customers are always considered to be long term. To this end, Digitalvation will always consider themselves to be a member of the customers team, adhering to the customers culture and ethics, while we work with them through a process of short term projects to achieve their long term goals.

While Digitalvation perform much of their work internally, we also call upon the expertise of trusted partners. This is to ensure our clients receive maximum value from our offerings with a can-do attitude.

Mathew Hasker

Director, Technical and Creative Lead

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