Digital Marketing Management

Know where to find, engage and nurture your digital audience with a full Digital Marketing management package from Digitalvation.

Search Engine Optimisation

I get it, you want to be found on Google or Bing - but there is a strategy behind being found.
Digitalvation can evaluate how well your website is being indexed by search engines and advise on a strategy that improves it. I can also identify and resolve the technical issues your website has that prevents it from being indexed.

Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking to do some Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, then you will need understand where your audience will find you, a keyword strategy to optimise your ad placements, and landing page content that will create leads and/or sales.
Digitalvation can work with you to opimtise your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by performing pre campaign research, campaign deployment and monitoring and reporting.

Social Media Management

Like Social Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing requires research into where your audience is and how to reach them.
Digitalvation can work with you to optimise your ad delivery across social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) by performing pre campaign research, active performance monitoring and end of campaign reporting.

Page Speed Optimisation

The internet is a fast moving place, and no one wants to land on a slow website.
Digitalvation can perform a page speed analysis of your web content to identify and resolve issues with page load times.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great - it is a direct, personalised method of reaching out to your audience.
Digitalvation can create, design, deploy and manage your email marketing campaigns. Depending on your platform of choice, I can work with you to increase engagement with your email content and how to create more leads to reach out to.

Landing Page Design and Development

You've reached out to your audience and they want to engage - but what are they engaging with?
Landing pages are the next step to a customer journey - whether it is collecting leads or generating sales, Digitalvation can create professional looking landing pages that increase engagement.

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