MH Media Services is now Digitalvation

June 1, 2023

In 2020 I took the major step of going it alone. The last 2 and a half years have not only been a blast, but it has also been a crucial period for my career and for learning. I've met (and continue to work with) some awesome people in great companies and organisations, but I've also got great insights into what SMEs are looking for when it comes to sales, marketing, tech support and content.

Now has come the time to review my service offerings. I've decided to broaden them, but I needed a new name to reflect this change. Oh, and I was also getting bored of purple. So, welcome - to Digitalvation!

Q - Why are you changing your name? 

A - No, it's not some weird tax evasion strategy. I might be brave, but I'm not silly. And I'm certainly not clever enough to pull something like that off. MH Media Services started out offering web design, development and tech support, as well as the creation of media - video, audio and graphics. Technology moves quick - we certainly weren't talking about AI during COVID (though to be honest, I'm not sure if we were talking about anything except COVID during that time). As we emerged from COVID, the business world felt different. What happens now in a post COVID era? Here's my take - SMEs are now focussed on keeping engaged with existing customers, while driving sales and marketing more than ever towards attracting new customers. At the same time, we've come to realise that the technology we can use to achieve this is readily available no matter where we work from. From a security point of view, SMEs are also now doing all they can to protect their data, as well as their bank accounts. Fraud and scams are now more common than ever, because hey - even the criminals are feeling the pinch. I want to position my company to providing a package of Tech Support, Content Creation and Digital Marketing. I loved the name MH Media Services, but it didn't wholly reflect this new outlook. 


Q - Why Digitalvation?

A - Firstly, whatever name I chose had to have the word "digital". And honestly, I tried A LOT of names. MH Digital. Taken. MHM Digital. Taken. Dino Digital. Dynasty Digital. Pixel Digital. Fantasy Digital. All taken. So guess what I used to help me? AI, of course. Out of all the names it gave me, Digitalvation stood out the most. Combining "innovation" with "Digital", it seemed to sit right with the service offerings. And so, Digitalvation it is. 

Q - What will change?

A - For you as a current client or subscriber, not a lot. Invoices will now be sent as Digitalvation, but the services I am currently offering you will not change. You can still reach me at [email protected], but soon you'll start to see me sending as [email protected]. Feel free to use that email address as that will arrive in the same mailbox. will remain for now, but is now up and running (and is 95% complete, I know - I'm well-prepared for this). 

Q - So what happens now for Digitalvation?

   A - The ultimate goal for Digitalvation is to offer a package that delivers one unique service, at a rate that I believe is competitive, that delivers on three requirements:. 

  • Productivity - deploying and maintaining a combination of cloud based platforms (mainly SaaS products and social media) that allows SMEs to manage existing contacts as well as discover and engage with new ones.
  • Content Creation - Web design and development, video and audio production, writing and graphical content to contribute to any agreed sales and marketing strategy.
  • Technical Support - enabling and supporting end users with first and second line support, reporting and cybersecurity.

Also - I predict that AI and Blockchain technology will revolutionise our digital worlds. We just don't know how yet. I want Digitalvation to be there to help SMEs understand when AI and Blockchain start making an impact, in whatever form that might be.

Digitalvation will continue to:

  • Provide individual services to clients if the whole package isn't required.
  • Focus on building long term relationships with clients.
  • Work with other individuals and companies to help deliver products and services.
  • Connect people where there is a benefit to learn from each other.Digitalvation has also not ruled out expanding to a small team

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