What is ChatSpot?

July 19, 2023

ChatSpot is an AI powered sales and marketing tool that interacts with your HubSpot data. Not only that, but it is able to identify target markets by providing industries and roles that you are interested in, find information about your competitors, research key statistics about a company, plus much, much more.

chatspot interface

How does it work?

ChatSpot uses OpenAI's GPT-4 and connects to your HubSpot account as well as many other data points. You interact with ChatSpot by either using ChatSpots premade prompts or by making your own. For example - if you ask ChatSpot to find details about a particular company by domain name, within seconds it will show you all the information it has on that particular company. Here is what it showed me when I searched for "diy.com":

ChatSpot - company details

Another example - I asked ChatSpot about Custom Email Templates (something I wrote about last month), and it provided me with how to create one, and also an example template I could use:

ChatSpot - how to write custom email template

Notice the Prompt Templates on the left-hand side? It can also create AI generated content for you if you're looking for some inspiration or provide keywords suggestions when reviewing your SEO and SERP strategies. As I mentioned earlier, it can interact with your HubSpot data. Want to find out how many contacts you have in a certain industry? Not a problem. Number of deals at a particular stage, where the original source was "Organic Search"? Easy.

Can I use it?

Head over to https://chatspot.ai and sign in to your HubSpot account. Choose a HubSpot portal to work in, and start chatting!

Is it safe to use?

According to their FAQ, while ChatSpot has access to your data, it will only retrieve data based on the prompts that you give it.

A couple of concerns - ChatSpot shares your prompts with OpenAI. While this is a requirement, some maybe concerned about sharing prompts with personal information as that is shared with OpenAI. However, ChatSpot also state that the prompts that you provide it will not be used to train its model. Prompts are also deleted after 30 days. Another concern is for those based in the EU with HubSpot data stored in the EU - data is transferred to the US. However, ChatSpot and OpenAI have signed a Data Processing Agreement and have suitable data transfer mechanisms in place.

While ChatSpot can integrate with other third parties, it will only send prompts to those third parties if you ask it to, and those queries cannot identify you personally.

Also, ChatSpot will only have access to HubSpot data based on your user permissions in HubSpot. As a result, it is my recommendation that you access your HubSpot account with a user account that doesn't have elevated permissions or full admin rights, just to be on the safe side!


AI is going to revolutionise the way we work - there is no doubt about that. Already we are starting to see products adding AI powered features, and ChatSpot is already a very powerful tool.

Though it must be noted, as powerful as AI is, it is not perfect. Look at that screenshot from earlier - I asked it to make a custom email template. It is however missing some necessary tags, namely the email footer for CAN-SPAN requirements. I've also found that when using AI to generate written content (and this isn't just related to HubSpot, this is more of a GPT thing), it never really comes across as human.

AI will continue to increase productivity for a lot of users, and that I believe is still its intended use. Content creators should embrace AI not as a tool to replace, but as a tool to aid improvement. ChatSpot is very powerful and can do a lot of tasks that may take you and me a little longer to do, and for that reason we should use it to boost productivity. But never forget that messages for humans are always better conveyed by humans.

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