How to get your Outlook Calendar into Notion Calendar

February 15, 2024

A few weeks ago, Notion launched Notion Calendar.

If you are a fan of Notion like I am, this was an exciting announcement. I am finally one step closer to having all my meetings, visits, projects, basically my entire work schedule, in one place.

One caveat - Notion Calendar only syncs with it's own databases and Google Calendar. Outlook is "on the roadmap".

So I have spent time working out how to get those Outlook Calendar entries into Notion or Google Calendar. I used Zapier for a while, but that ended up duplicating a lot of entries and made for a messy database.

Perseverance however has won - behold, this is how you do it!

What you'll need

  • A Google Account with Google Calendar
  • An Outlook Calendar to sync from
  • A Notion Account
  • Notion Calendar

How to sync an Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

  • Login to your Outlook account - this can be Personal or Business
  • Click on the Calendar icon in the left navigation bar
  • Click on Settings in the top right
  • You should now be in Calendar settings. Here you are going to want to publish your calendar.
  • Click on Shared Calendars
  • Under Publish a calendar, select your calendar and click Publish.
  • You will now given two URLs, one HTML and one ICS. Click the ICS link to copy it.
  • Now go to your Google calendar (
  • On the left you will see Shared Calendar. Click +
  • Then choose "From URL" in the menu that appears
  • Paste the ICS URL into the box, leave "Make this calendar publically visible" unchecked.

Your Outlook calendar will now sync with your Google Calendar.

Sync Google Calendar to Notion Calendar

Assuming that you have already added your Google Calendar into Notion Calendar, you will now start seeing your Outlook Calendar entries in Notion Calendar. If not, it is super easy:

  • In Notion Calendar, on the left, Click add Calendar Account
  • In the menu, click Add Google Calendar

You can add multiple ones too - I have at least 5 Outlook Calendars and 3 Google Calendars, and they are all now in Notion Calendar.

Now tell me, how cool is that.

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